Body Armor Ban? What You Should Know.

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Like most politicians in Washington D.C., Chuck Schumer wants to ban body armor in addition to banning guns. The New York’s senator wants the FBI to regulate the sale of body armor in America. Schumer’s plan would, of course, exempt state and local law enforcement from these body armor restrictions. But rest assured there will be an exemption for politicians like Schumer. After all, gun (and related item) control is only for the “common” people.


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Schumer’s own words imply that, school kids might become felons for having a ballistic panel in their backpacks. Additionally, motorcyclists with Kevlar in their safety clothing, reporters, cab drivers and convenience store clerks wearing body armor vests in dangerous areas could also be classified as criminals. After all, commoners like you and I don’t need protection against evil according to Schumer.


Not only do Washington politicians’ policies on guns and self-defense leave people less free, they put the good guys in more danger. And this is no accident, let’s be very clear this is by design.


As with gun control laws, don’t expect criminals who actually have body armor to comply with any regulations on their sale and use. 

It’s almost as if anti-gun politicians prefer to champion the rights of criminals over the law-abiding.


Contact your Senators and Representatives to let them know that this is a not by the people or for the people:

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Under current laws bulletproof vests are legal to own in all 50 states, except for convicted criminals. They can also be purchased online or by phone everywhere but Connecticut, where the law requires that the purchases be made in person.

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