Door Breaching Using Your Shotgun

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Breaching is essentially forcing open a door that is bolted, locked, or closed, and when using a firearm to do so it’s known as ballistic breaching. In certain situations, you may need to enter to a building or you may need a way out to escape a building, no matter the reasons however, you’re going to need a way to do it, rapidly, effectively and securely.

 In military situations, the rules of engagement come into play so basically shooting up the door with high-powered rounds simply isn’t acceptable, due to the possibility of collateral damage. Now as a private citizen you may have to rescue a family member from a building or structure, and in that situation, you can’t just start blasting away either due to the potential of injuring a loved one that may be on the other side.


Despite this there are ways to gain access that reduce or eliminate the chance of injury to those breaching the door and to those on the other side, and some rounds are more appropriate for this task than others.


Clearly, when breaching a door, you want to do it without firing more rounds than needed. A shotgun is the recommended firearm for ballistic breaches. Your objective when using it is to destroy the latch, lock, or even the hinges with limited recoil, little to no ricochet and avoiding round penetration through the door.


 While it’s true birdshot, slugs, and buckshot can be employed however, with slugs and buckshot, you have the potential for greater round penetration which could injure those on the other side.


 For door breaching the military uses specialized rounds and weapons that lessen the chance of injuring others. Once specialized round is filled with powder, and is referred to as a metal cup, or a door-breaching cup. With this round the cup strikes the door at the latch, hinge, or lock and the impact dissipates the energy, kinetic energy in other words. The type of shell is 12-gauage and the shotgun is typically “un-choked”.


At BlackStar Survival we offer Special Application Breaching rounds by Fiocchi that are designed to take down the most stubborn doors with a minimal amount of collateral damage on the other side. The lead shot is held in a polymer capsule which breaks apart upon impact. This dumps all of the energy into the target, breaking it down and giving you entry.


Bear in mind that when breaching a door, the muzzle is close, and in some cases, is touching the door so you ideally want to have a muzzle adapter that allows the gases to escape and keep the recoil manageable.

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