G2R RIP 45 ACP AUTO Ammo 162 Grain Solid Copper Lead Free

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G2R ammunition is one of the top manufactures that has innovated a bullet for the ultimate protection. Its one of a kind maximum expansion bullet has gone viral throughout the nation and has become one of the top desired bullets in the nation. The RIP models (Radically Invasive Projectile) is machined for precision and features 9 separate wound channels. When the bullet is fired, the channels separate to target a bigger circumference. G2R RIP 45 ammo also features up to 6" diameter spread, 14-16" penetration, 2" grouping at 25 yards and has a FPS of 960.

G2R RIP ammunition is becoming the ultimate defense bullet in its regards that it can defeat many barriers. The bullet is capable of going through sheet rock, plywood, windshields, heavy winter clothing and sheet metal.

Check your local laws. In some states ammunition may need to be sent to a Federally Licensed Firearm dealer. If so please use the link below to find one near you.