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Knit Acrylic 3-Hole Facemask

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You might know it as a "ski mask," but this snug, durable 3-hole head cover is great for far more than protecting your face while gliding over fresh powder-covered slopes. Shield your delicate facial skin from direct hits during intense paintball or airsoft battles. Hide your identifying facial features during covert tactical operations or other scenarios that require discretion and stealth.

Made of 100 percent acrylic, it's both comfortable and resilient. It boasts a soft, knit feel, while wicking away moisture and resisting tears. The eye holes are designed to maximize skin coverage without impeding vision; likewise, the mouth hole is small enough to protect the tender skin surrounding your lips yet large enough to allow for easy eating, drinking and speech.


  • One size fits all
  • Protective headwear that's great for far more than winter sports
  • Fully covers head and neck; holes for eyes and mouth
  • Comfortable-yet-durable 100 percent acrylic construction
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • GSA-compliant