Level III AR500 Lightweight Body Armor Plate - Spall Coated

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AR500 Armor At An Affordable Price!

Level 3 Body Armor

(Made in the USA)

  • A stand alone armor plate with multiple hit capability
  • We only manufacture our plates from certified AR-500 steel with a Brinnell Hardness Rating of 505-518 BHN
  • Laser cut
  • Fully tested by independent Lab (HP White laboratory)
  • Rated for up to six hits from 7.62 NATO bullets (.308 Winchester) with velocities up to 2780 fps @ 15 Meters
  • This tactical product is perfect for the outdoors or urban survival

** This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic resistance of Body Armor.**

 Level III AR500 spall coated

  • 6x6: 47 ounces
  • 6x8: 64 ounces
  • 8x10: 98 ounces
  • 10x12: 150 ounces
  • 11x14: 204 ounces