Wilderness Survival Folding Pocket Guide - Second Edition

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A must-have for any outdoor adventurer, the "Wilderness Survival" Folding Pocket Guide (Second Edition) contains a wealth of tips, tutorials and other vital information that could save your life in a back country emergency - or better still, help you avoid crisis altogether! And unlike fragile, bulky field books, this handy guide is waterproof, virtually tear-proof and conveniently folds flat for easy pocket transport - reducing pack weight and freeing up space for important survival gear. It covers basic first aid and wilderness navigation, and includes clear, straightforward instructions for erecting a sturdy, weather-resilient shelter and signaling for help in times of distress. Don't let dangerous animal encounters or perilous weather dampen your adventuring spirit! "Wilderness Survival" offers invaluable advice on avoiding these and other common back country hazards. One such hazard is dehydration, which is significantly exacerbated by rigorous activity like backpacking, chopping wood or shelter-building. Thankfully, "Wilderness Survival" has you covered, with effective, practical tips on finding water, even in arid landscapes. It also offers sound guidance on foraging for food in the wild, including how to safely identify and prepare edible plants and fungi, as well recognize toxic lookalikes and other dangerous growth. Whether you're a backpacking novice, casual camper, life-long wilderness trekker or seasoned survival expert, the "Wilderness Survival" Folding Pocket Guide is your ultimate back country companion - simple to follow, easy to pack, incredibly tough and always within reach, ready to offer sound wisdom when you need it most, no matter the conditions or terrain. Proudly made in the USA!


  • Essential gear for any outdoor adventure
  • Loaded with vital info on variety of topics
  • Ideal for adventurers of all skill levels
  • Laminated for water-, tear resistance
  • Folds flat for easy pocket transport
  • Unfolded: 8 1/4" x 22 1/4"
  • Folded: 8 1/4" x 3 7/10"